Ashland Property Management Company

This branch serves the Ashland Property Management marketplace needs only.  We are 100% focussed on Ashland, and live in Ashland ourselves.

Our specialty is residential property management, but if you are looking for someone to manage  larger apartment complexes, or commercial properties we would love to help you as well. Our focus and specialty is single family residential homes located in Ashland, Oregon.  We have another office in Medford that also serves the remainder of the Jackson county area.

Our approach to management is simple, we treat YOUR home as if it were our own.  As Investors ourselves, we understand the primary goals of an Investor and Landlord is to maximize cash flow and preserve your long term asset.  The decisions we make while managing your rental ensure the protection of your investment at the same time protecting it’s equity. Below is our top seven reason why we feel Asurent Property Management is the best property management company in Ashland Oregon.

  • Extremely Affordable – We don’t charge a Tenant vacancy filling fee, so that alone saves you hundreds compared to other property managers.
  • Strict Screening Policy – We know the games, and don’t play them.  We find the very best quality Tenant for your property.
  • Shorter Vacancy Rates Means More $ – Because we place only the highest quality Tenants, your vacancy rates are MUCH less than others, which puts more rental money in your pocket!
  • Local Experts – We have been managing rentals in the valley for over 10 years, your property is safe with us.
  • 24/7 Emergency contact – We provide the ultimate in customer service for your Tenants.  They will be well taken care of with our seasoned staff on hand 24/7.
  • 3 Day Maintenance Response – We know that Happy Tenants are paying Tenants.  Also, we believe in providing a great living experience for our Tenants and as such when a valid maintenance request is entered, we commit to evaluate within 3 business days.  Most property managers won’t even return their call within a week!
  • 1 Day Call Back Guarantee – We are committed to communication.  We own rentals too and know 100% that NOT knowing what is going on with your rental and not hearing back from your property manager is a very worrisome situation.  We understand this and commit to being your true business partner.  If we do miss your call, we commit to calling you back within 1 business day.

Call Asurent today to discuss your Ashland Oregon property management needs!

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  1. David Dilk

    on   said 

    Asurent has amazing management skills. I’m an owner who lives in another state and I never have to worry about my rental. Love this company and would highly recommend them.


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