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Update – Medford Rental Duplex

In my last blog, I commented on a particular property that was clearly not being taken care of by their “at the time” current property management medford oregon company.  This is an update to that and some other things that we found out, and for you, as an Owner of rental property in Medford, you…

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Routine Internal Inspections with Pictures

There is a lot of power in pictures of your rental property.  Pictures say a thousand words.  And I will be honest here, this is where my fellow property managers (not in Asurent, I am talking in the industry in general here), really let down their Property Owners.   Why is that?  Well, let me…

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Medford Rental – Sight Unseen

This will be a relatively short post, but I just wanted to share something with you that happened to a Property Owner in Medford recently.  This property owner has been managing their property themselves, and recently their old Tenants decided to move out.  When they came up to the house, they realized that the old…

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