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Marijuana Legalization in Ashland.

Are you and investor looking or purchase property in Oregon, but don’t want to rent your home to someone who may be growing in your house? Measure 91 was passed July 1st and this measure legalizes marijuana for recreational use in Oregon. You still have options as a home owner/ landlord. You have options as a…

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HOT Medford Property Management Rental Market

WOW!! If you are an Investor, you should call us right away!  We cannot keep Medford property management houses on the rental market fast enough for the demand.  We have not seen it this hot in a long time.   We need houses and we need them very quickly.  We estimate that we will have…

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No Smoking Means No Smoking – Medford Property Management Rules

WOW we can’t believe it’s July first already! That means two things; we are at the halfway point in the year and…. drum roll.. marijuana is legalized in Oregon as of July 1, 2015. Now depending on where you stand on the legalization of marijuana this can be good or this can be bad. I…

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