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Knowing the importance of your Property Management Maintenance Team

When owning an investment home it is important to keep up on its’ maintenance in order to maintain the equity. The mentality of a homeowner is not the same as a renters. If you own a home chances are you know a little bit about the regular maintenance. Tenants on the other hand may not.…

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So you think you can manage your Ashland Property?

What does it really take to manage a rental unit? Many owners think they are capable of managing their own rental property…after all it’s just one house right what could go wrong. Asurent Property Management of Ashland just took over another rental unit which was previously managed by the owner. This owner thought they chose…

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The True Value of a Property Manager.

The True Value of a Property Manager can be measured in many ways.  When choosing the correct property manager we suggest you take 4 things into consideration. Value– You get what you pay for. Many times we are called by property owners who are currently with another property management company. We are asked our fees…

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