Ashland Property Management Rehab Work

How much is too much when it comes to investing in your ashland property management rental?  When a house goes vacant, you are now faced with the question of what work you need to do to bring the rental back to a marketable, rental conduction.  Yet, you don’t want to spend more than you need to.  Don’t get me wrong, slumlords are horrible and we are not one.  However, you can perform SMART rehab work on your rental and spend much less than you otherwise would, and get the same effect.

How does that work?  Well, for example, we just took over a new ashland property for management.  The Owner had a Tenant that lived in the house for the last 5 years.  When the Tenant moved out, the Owner inspected and thought that this Ashland home would need a total repaint and total carpet replacement.  In fact, they did not.

There are some pretty amazing things out there that allow you to achieve excellent cleanliness WITHOUT the huge price tag.  Both of the above, interior painting and carpet replacement are expensive, especially when you weren’t really counting on having to spend that much.  Tis the life of a Landlord, right?  Nope, let’s talk more.

One of the greatest inventions out there, and a property manager’s secret, is the “magic eraser”.  Magic eraser is a great product which does a great job at removing most (not all) of the dirt and stains that could exist on your walls.  It softly removes the stains and marks without attacking your paint.  A great way to save you money in unnecessary painting costs.

For carpets, some Owners see a rental after the Tenant moves out and they think they need to replace the carpet.  By the way, if you do not have a clause in your lease that holds your Tenants accountable for either performing carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company, or you have it performed and they pay for, then you are doing yourself a disservice.  The Oregon Tenant Landlord Law allows you to receive that.  This is something that the Tenant pays for.

The reason I bring this up is that carpet cleaners can sometimes work magic in bringing the carpet back to life.  Just like magic eraser, it may not always work, so depending on the type of stains and marks on the carpet, you can usually bypass the perceived need to replace your ashland property rental carpet by having a reputable carpet cleaning company have a go at it.  It is worth it to try.  And that is one of the benefits of working with Asurent Property Management Ashland Oregon, is that we have relationships with the very best carpet cleaners in Ashland and they will go to the property and give us an honest evaluation of whether or not they feel they can get the stains out.  And if they think they can’t, they won’t do the job because they know you will have to replace it.

There are a lot of tips out there in saving money.  I brought up two of the biggest opportunities to save money.  I hope this will help you save money!!