Property Maintenance

Rental Property Summer Maintenance

Follow these tips for Your Rental Properties As the summer season approaches, it’s crucial for property owners and managers to ensure that their rental properties are well-maintained. Proper summer maintenance not only keeps your property in good condition but also helps maintain tenant satisfaction. Here are some essential summer maintenance tips to keep your rental…

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Jackson County – Cold Strikes your Properties Hard!

Wow! Feel that cold snap last night?  Well we are in Oregon and we are in november now. The question I have for you is, is your property ready? This is the time of year when rentals become a little bit harder to fill.  This is just not the time of year when people are…

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Medford Landlord and Tenant Challenges

Well, this will be yet another update on our adventures in dealing with other Medford Property Management Companies bad decisions.  This one is still dealing with the last Tenant issue, who another company insisted on placing a Tenant right before we took over the management for this house.  As we blogged about before, this Tenant…

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