Expectations of a Professional Property Management Company

This is the first in a series of many video blog posts crested by Asurent Property Management Medford. We have committed to creating video blog posts in an effort to help educate the Investor and Landlord on the ways to best protect their investments, increase cash flows from their rentals and overall reduce their real estate investment stress.

The goal of this particular blog is to communicate the expectations from a Professional, first class property management company in Medford Oregon and Ashland alike.  We even will go so far as to claim that with the benefits of a truly effective management company, the costs for their services are free.  As a side note, most property management companies do not know how to assist an Owner in increasing their profits by converting the properties to a Premium Property, demanding Premium Rents and finding Premium Tenants.  That is the premise of this video blog and highlights some of the major points in achieving this.

In this video, we review the following expectations when you are considering working with a top notch property management company:

  • Premium marketing programs
  • How technology can dramatically reduce the vacancy periods
  • Top notch screening processes
  • Fantastic Tenant customer service
  • Importance of Thorough inspections
  • Handling all Tenant communications
  • Monthly reports
  • Over-communications, especially during vacancies and maintenance activities

If Asurent PM can be of service to you in fulfilling the expectation as discussed this video blog, please call us at 541-816-4140 or email us directly at contact@asurent.com.