Fires Burn on in Oregon, Are You Protected?

I am sure everyone has noticed the haze in the air caused by the many forest fires burning in our area. As a property owner you may not put to much thought into the forest fires if your home is not effected area. If you are a tenant you may not think twice about the fires after all the home owner has insurance ….right?

If you are a property owner and you want to rent our your home you still need to carry insurance on your home. You need to contact your insurance company and let them know when you plan on having a tenant in the home. You will also want to contact your property manager and give them all of your policy information as well as a copy of your insurance contacts. It is very important to have your property manager do a walk thru of the property with you to assist you in pointing out any potential hazards.

If you are a tenant and you love your things, well, you better get renters insurance. The owner is required to have home owners insurance, but that doesn’t mean your things are covered.  Home owners insurance only covers the structure. This means if you have a very expensive TV, stereo and computer and they are burnt up in a fire your things are not covered and you loose everything. Renters insurance can be added your car insurance for very little. We are talking about $15 a month to protect all of your things. If you don’t have renters insurance we highly suggest you get it our you could find yourself in a bad situation.

Just because the fires are not in your area and you think you are not going to be effected by them doesn’t mean you should not be proactive. As an owner make sure your insurance is up to date and you are have proper coverage. If you are a tenant get renters insurance. It’s very inexpensive but will protect all of your things and cover the damages you could have.