Frustrating Bad Tenants? How to Become a Stress-Free Landlord.

Real Estate is one of the most powerful avenues for creating wealth and which can help you get out of the rat race. Especially in Ashland, Oregon where real estate prices are experiencing a healthy increase year over year of over 11%!

But, not every investor out there is attracted to the Real Estate market as they think it is too complicated and that being a landlord is pretty much a hassle. Those who are already in the property business are probably feeling all burned out from land lording their frustrating tenants and sadly, most of them have had to sell their properties.

Once you’ve built or purchased your investment property, one of the key considerations is always to find a quality tenant. In my nearly 15 years of experience I have discovered two main considerations in tenancy; to find a tenant with the ability to pay the rent and can possibly show a good history of doing it responsibly, and ensuring that your tenant takes good care of the property in your absence.
If you are a landlord (or aspiring),

  • Are you stressed out because of the late rent payment or lack of it?
  • Are you frustrated about not finding a quality tenant to fill your apartment?
  • Are you worried that you might have to pay bills or clean up the garbage your tenant left behind?
  • Are you afraid of receiving upsetting calls from your tenants late in the night or during your vacation about repairs that need to be fixed urgently like a leaking roof, A/C problem or a broken toilet?

This list can go on and on…

Have you ever imagined being a stress-free landlord?

Being a stress-free landlord is possible. Yes, you can have the best tenant(s) who pay on time and maintain your apartment even better than your own home. You won’t have to show up on your tenant’s door every time to collect rent.

You can have a team of great people to handle all the repairs and emergencies. Most importantly, you will regularly pocket away a cool profit each month while you live a fulfilled and enjoyable life with your family.

As an investor in the Ashland Oregon real estate market for almost 15 years, I have managed my properties with great success. Over time, I have put in place a proven property management system which requires little if any participation from me.

Would you like to know my little secret and tricks on how to:

  • Find quality tenants who pay on time and ensure your property is well maintained?
    • Draw a rental lease agreement tailored to your specific needs?
    • Use the Landlord Tenant Act to resolve likely disputes proactively?
    • Place a rental advert online for FREE to attract potentially good tenants?
    • Manage property emergencies and repairs?
    • Choose a trustworthy property management company?

I will also share with you some crucial forms (such as the rental lease agreement, rental application form etc.) that I created and have been using over the years for my Ashland Oregon property management company.

So stick around for more Secrets on how to Be a Stress-Free Landlord – Part 2 Finding quality tenants for your properties. A quality tenant is a valuable asset to your Real Estate business. You can actually eliminate a host of land lording problems when you have a quality and reasonable tenant.

I will post this in our next blog in a few days.