HOT Medford Property Management Rental Market

WOW!! If you are an Investor, you should call us right away!  We cannot keep Medford property management houses on the rental market fast enough for the demand.  We have not seen it this hot in a long time.


We need houses and we need them very quickly.  We estimate that we will have about another month and a half until the medford rogue valley rental management market starts slowing down again.  Many families with children will try to move during the summer so as to not disturb their children’s schooling.  For the last month, and continuing now for another month and a half, it has been a very hot market and we are completely out of inventory.  Which, is a good sign for our Owners, but also a sign that there is more money to be made if you are an Investor.


The particular areas in the rogue valley where the demand is the highest is by far…Ashland.  The Ashland property management market is bare bones. If you are an Investor and/or already own property in Ashland, please give us a call. We will help you analyze any deals you may be thinking about, can help you in the rehab, even project manage if you like, and then find a great Tenant for your property.  Completely turnkey property management investment services for anywhere in the rogue valley.  Some other hotspots are east medford and Jacksonville.  But by far, the property management ashland oregon opportunity is in high demand.


We have a ton of experience in rehabs.  In fact, we are in the process of working on our own personal Ashland rental rehab job and believe me, it will be quite worth it.  As an example, the rental market in Medford or Central point might bring in $.75-$.90/sq ft, depending on the area.  East Medford hills will bring in a little higher.  But in Ashland, you can have a house which is really not that great, substandard in fact, and it will pull in a minimum of $1.20/sq ft.  Now, the house prices are higher here, but the demand is also much higher.  We are seeing houses rent out the very first day we place them on the market.  Many times, we don’t even get to place them on craigslist.  we have a list of pre-qualified renters already looking for Ashland, so when we send out our email with the information, the house is gone within hours!

So, in summary, if you are looking for more properties and need some help, call Asurent today!

Asurent Property Management Medford Or – 541 816-4140.