Importance of Conducting Routine Property Inspections

After screening of tenants, the best way to protect your property investment is to conduct regular inspections. Since you have already conducted your screening process, you will only be conducting inspections to verify that everything about your property is as it should be. Asurent Property Management Medford requires inspections to be conducted on a regular basis, every 6 months internal and after 90 days for new Tenants.  That is very important to ensure that any new Tenants are keeping their promise.


What to look out for in a routine inspection.


Routine inspections help to ensure that your property is in good condition. They also help to identify any maintenance issues that should be addressed, and as we all know, the sooner the better on that. As a landlord, the following are the things to look out for during a routine inspection:


1. Doors and windows


When conducting an inspection, you should ensure that all the doors and windows in the property are functioning properly. No cracks in windows.  That can always come back and be raised as a safety concern for the Tenants.  Check for any damages, superficial or structural, which may require maintenance. Also, ensure that all the locks are working properly and the screens are not cracked.


2. Flooring


Ensure that the flooring in your property is in clean and perfect condition. Check for any stains, warping or any other damages that may require renovation.  This is especially true in bathrooms.  A leaky tub or faucet can quickly cause significant structural damage if it is not fought quickly and fixed.  make sure that any plumbing and/or caulking issues are caught quickly and fixed before the leak gets to underfloor.


3. Walls


Walls are an important part of the property, and you should ensure they are in good condition. Inspect all the walls, both interior and exterior, for any markings or damage to the paint. You should also check for other damages such as stains, cracks or water damage.


Other things you should check during the routine inspection include: ceilings, light fixtures, appliances, air conditioners and heating systems. Check for general operation.


How to conduct a routine inspection


Conducting a routine inspection is very simple, and done properly can be accomplished in about 45 minutes. Here is a look at how you can conduct an inspection on your property:


1. Inform the tenants of the inspection: Medford property management practices require that you inform the tenants of the intended inspection 24 hours in advance.   You should also agree with the tenants of a good time to conduct the inspection (should be between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm on any day apart from public holidays).


2. Ensure that tenants are present during inspection: You should ensure that the tenants are present during the routine inspection to help avoid any disputes.


3. Ask the tenants if they are any issues with the property. This will help you identify them more easily.


4. Check for any damages to the property: From the walls to the windows, doors, fixtures, appliance, ceilings and the exteriors. If there are any damages, document them in writing. Make sure you take pictures of all of your findings and recommendations for documentation purposes.  Anything that is different than the move in pictures will need complete documentation. The more pictures, the merrier for sure.


5. Ensure that all appliances and fixtures are working correctly: If there are any damages, ensure that they are replaced to remove any hazards.


6. Make a report: After you have finished the inspection, make a report on the condition of the property and forward one copy to the tenant. This report will be the basis of any maintenance that you may have to carry out.


Importance of a routine inspection


As a landlord, routine inspections are important for the following reasons:


•They help you to identify any maintenance that may be required on the property.


•They give you a clear understanding of the level of care in which your tenants maintain your property.  This is the most important reason.  We want to know that this Tenant is taking care of your property.  And if they are not, we need to take swift action.


•They help to ensure that there are no hazards that the tenant is exposed to on your property.


•They help you to identify any future renovations and upgrades that you can make on your property to increase the value and occupancy rate.




Routine inspections are an important part of property management for your Medford are rental and you should carry them out regularly to ensure your property is in perfect condition. These inspections also ensure that your tenants have a enjoyable rental experience while on your property, which improves Tenant retention and asset preservation.