Landlord Compensation Checklist

Get money that is owed to you.

Created to assist you, this landlord compensation checklist is here to help. There is $200 million in rent assistance to support tenants and landlords. This includes $150 million for the Landlord Compensation Fund. Owners who have qualified tenants you can receive 80% of the rental debt owned, but as a result will have to forgive 20% of the tenants debt. If you are a current Owner of ours and you have back rent that has not been paid, please schedule a time with one of our staff members. Are you a private owner and you need more assistance? Don’t worry we are here to help. You can set up a time to chat with us and we will assist you. Each property we assist will be a case by case situation. The landlord compensation fund is a great way to assist landlords and tenants alike. For more information on HB4401 here is a link. Asurent wants to help in anyway we can. We are all in this together and once we work together we will find ourselves in a better place.

Landlord Compensation Checkslist.

Documentation that you will need to apply in Round Two!

  • Owner Name, Address, Email, Phon
  • Property Manager Name, Address, Email, Pho
  • W-9 to be used for ownership verification
  • Bank Account Routing and Account Number (if ACH payments were made)
  • Checking/Savings designation; voided check
  • Email address associated with the Property
  • Copy of a Rent Roll for each property
  • Tenant Declarations of Financial hardship