Marijuana Legalization in Ashland.

LegalizationofmarijuanaashlandoregonAre you and investor looking or purchase property in Oregon, but don’t want to rent your home to someone who may be growing in your house? Measure 91 was passed July 1st and this measure legalizes marijuana for recreational use in Oregon. You still have options as a home owner/ landlord. You have options as a landlord/homeowner.

Measure 91 allows for marijuana legalization in Ashland. The measure legalized recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older, allowing adults over this age to possess up to eight ounces of “dried” marijuana on themselves and up to four plants in their residence. The ability to buy marijuana at a retail outlet is not expected to start until the fall of 2016.

Here are some more facts on the new measure;

  • You must be 21 or over to legally smoke marijuana
  • You can only do it in the privacy of your own home
  • If you are a landlord you don’t have to accept smoking inside your home
  • Oregonians can grow up to four plants on their property
  • A person can possess up to eight ounces of usable marijuana in their homes
  • A person can carry up to one ounce on their person
  • Marijuana cannot be smoked or used in a public place.
  • Plants and products cannot be made visible to the public
  • Landlords can write into their lease a ban on marijuana growing in the home
  • Landlords can prohibit alterations to the rental for growing purposes

As an investor you may be thinking “I don’t want my home to be turned into a grow house for marijuana” Don’t worry you have options. This measure is only recognized by the state. Using & growing marijuana is not federally recognized. This means this measure does not change any federal landlord tenant laws, which states “no illegal drug use on the premises” Asurent Property Management has a No Smoking Clause in all of out tenant contracts. Smoke is smoke it’s not allowed in any of our homes.

Once you have a contract with us we will leave it up to you if you want to allow the tenants to have marijuana plants in their unit or not. We cannot give you legal advice on this situation; however, ultimately it’s your choice. If you choose to not allow growing on your property and it comes to our attention this is happening we will immediately evict the tenant in order to protect your home.

If you would like more details on Measure 91 here is a great webpage for you to get more information