Medford Landlord and Tenant Challenges

Well, this will be yet another update on our adventures in dealing with other Medford Property Management Companies bad decisions.  This one is still dealing with the last Tenant issue, who another company insisted on placing a Tenant right before we took over the management for this house.  As we blogged about before, this Tenant was late 2 times, and we just decided that there were better quality Tenants available for the house.

The good news is that we have now removed that Tenant.  The bad news, and this relates to how important is to find the very best Tenants from the get go, is that they did a job on the rental.  It is amazing how filthy people can have such  negative effect on a property in such a short period to time.

In this case the Tenant was able to:

  • Allow the washer to overflow numerous times onto the utility area, causing sever subfloor damage and replacement of the linoleum.
  • Caused extensive carpet bleach damage through the house.
  • Allowed their children to draw all over their walls
  • Burned the knobs on the stove
  • Did not care for the backyard at all
  • Carpet was filthy, and they did not vacuum or have it steam cleaned then they moved out

All in 2 months.  Amazing.

And not one time, while it was the “care” of the other medford property management, whom name will remain confidential, did never once perform an internal inspection.  Not to mention there is o way that they performed a thorough credit/background check because the rental background of the is person is incredibly bad.

And in relation to the property inspections not occurring, whenever we have a new Tenant move into one of our Medford properties, we perform a 45 day inspection to ensure that they are taking care of ht property as they say they are.  That is plenty of time to determine if they are going to be good Tenants overall. If not, it is time to act fast and not wait for them to do real damage. Even in this case, they were able to do some damage.  We definitely caught it before it got really bad and caused really expensive damage.

Even with the above repairs, we will have the property turned around and the new Tenant in with only 2 extra days of vacancy.

Ready for the next property management challenge.

Thank you,

Asurent Property Management Medford Oregon