Effective Premium Marketing Technology Platform

Asurent employs a highly effective premium marketing strategy for our Owners properties. Through the use of online marketing technologies, we market our properties on over 100 online rental websites.  While Craigslist is a great tool alone, most Premium Tenants find our properties from one of the other online marketing channels utilized.

Asurent Ashland Property Management Mobile Technology

Asurent Utilizes Latest Technology  & Decreases Vacancy Rates

In addition to maximizing the visibility of our properties, we utilize a proprietary marketing technology that has allowed us to reduce our Owners vacancy rates by as much as 50%.  In the past, the process for allowing a Tenant to view any available properties might take up to 4 days between weekends and their work schedules and availability.  


With the new access automation technology, we have collapsed this time to virtually nothing, drastically shaving up to a week off of our standard vacancy rates in between Tenants. This premium marketing technology has put an average of $700 per vacancy back into the pockets of our Investors.  Access to this technology is standard in our offerings.


The most complete marketing program in the industry:


Premium Picture Package

It is important that our properties stand out from the competition.  For that reason, we take over 200+ pictures when preparing a property for marketing.  We utilize state of the art camera and photography equipment to ensure the highest standards and presentation possible.  We then hand select only the best picture quality for online marketing.


Premium Video Walk Through Presentation

As part of our premium offering, we complete a very thorough video walk through presentation for the property.  We start from the curb and walk a prospective Tenant through the property, highlighting the sellable features and unique characteristics of the rental.  This allows prospective Tenants to experience the property before actually seeing and in many cases, in leu of.  


We have rented many properties sight unseen with the utilization of our detailed property walkthrough videos; thus further reducing vacancy times, further enhancing the return on investment of working with Asurent Property Management.


Pre-Marketing Candidate List

Asurent maintains relationships with a list with hundreds of pre-screen and qualified Tenants who are looking for properties in Ashland.  Because of our stand alone customer service and Tenant retention programs, we have developed a following and loyalty of Tenants over the years.  This gives us a strategic advantage to finding the very best premium Tenants quicker than any one else.


Whenever Asurent brings on a new property for management, we send an email notification to out pre-marketing list notifying them of the new property. This is offered 1 day prior to general public marketing and many times, we are able to rent out our properties in 1 day or less and without even marketing to the public.


Onsite Signage

We market your property with a high quality sign positioned for maximum visibility on your property.


Social Media

Asurent has a very active following of Tenants on social media, bit qualified and unqualified.  We market our properties on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, to name few social media sites.  We maintain an active relationship with our social media contacts and receive great exposure through these channels for our properties.


Asurent Website

Asurent posts all properties to our website within 24 hours of receiving the property under management.  Our descriptions are hand crafted by expert real estate copywriters.  Our copywriters are trained in how to capture the imagination of prospective Tenants and increase their likelihood of conversion to an showing.


Premium Online Marketing Visibility

We market directly to over 100 of the highest traffic and most sought after rental websites today.  These websites have consistently produced the highest quality Tenants for our properties. Below is a snapshot of some of the more prevalent websites that Asurent markets our properties on: