Renting VS. Selling Made Simple.

What makes the most sense for you a property management or a realtor?

We have owners call us all the time. They can’t make up their minds about wanting to rent or sell their home.  When an Owner calls Asurent Property Management Ashland , we help our owners find the best options. We take the time needed with each owner and find out their long term goals regarding real estate. Asurent Property Management focuses on setting our services above par with specific attention to the owners needs.

It is our goal to maintain the home ensuring the owner has minimal costs from maintenance, vacancies, and more income from rental rates. Having great property management is extremely important in the rental decision. A great property management team should do multiple inspections, strong tenant screening, and fantastic communication with the owner and tenants. Contact us if you are interested in our services.

Besides describing our services to our owners in Ashland Oregon, we give them a specific tools, charts and cost comparison over time comparing renting vs. selling. We searched far and wide to find help for our owners. Both renting and buying will have their expenses.We found an article on which compares buying vs. renting. This article has you enter information about your situation and location. The article continues to describe all of the costs involved if you were to stay in the home for a year. This article shows a side-by-side visual comparison.

If you are interested in a home in Ashland and you are not sure if you should  buy or sell click here  for more information.  When you are ready to have a great property management team take care of your property, creating more rental income and less rental stress contact Asurent  541 708-0357. We are “The Owners” property management team.