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Switching to Asurent is Easy


Step 1 - Understand Your Goals

Step 2 - Rental Rate & Profits Analysis / Recommendations

Step 3 - Premier Marketing

Step 4 - Advanced Tenant Screening

Step 5 - Tenant Move In Process


Step 1 - Understand Your Goals

The first step is to understand your current rental situation and completely document your short term and long term property investment goals.  It is important to align the Asurent offering with your needs and goals from the onset of the partnership.

Property Upgrades Ashland Oregon

Step 2 - Free Rental Rate & Profit Analysis

First, we will perform a professional rental rate comparable analysis. Similar properties in location and size are compared for determination of rental rates for the subject property.

Next, your property will undergo a 125 point detailed inspection. You will discover that every Asurent Property Coordinator is trained to utilize the exact same proprietary process designed to expose any and all areas where monthly income is leaking from your pockets.

The opportunities to increase profits are analyzed and then prioritized in order of increasing capital compared to the return on investment.

Asurent Property Management Marketing

Step 3 - Premium Marketing

Once rent ready, your rental will be showcased with professional photos and a premium video walk-through which allow prospective Tenants to feel the true experience of the rental.

Asurent utilizes leading edge online software technologies that maximize a properties online web presence, showcasing it’s visibility on over 100 websites.

Tenant Screening Ashland Oregon

Step 4 - Find a Premium Tenant - in Half the Time!

You will experience the highly sophisticated technologies that collapse the typical time required to fill a vacancy.  Your property will be available to be shown at the convenience of the Tenant, when it works for them, filling your rental much faster than the competition.

The highly sophisticated Tenant Screening and Prediction Process collects complex information gathered from online social signals, credit financials, background, rental and criminal history.

The highly detailed and systemized process produces the right Tenant, every time.  A Tenant who care greatly for their rentals as they take pride in their lives and homes, and are the most likely to stay in the homes the longest.

Rental Inspections

Step 5 - Tenant Move In Process

Your investment will experience the highest level of protection with complete advanced photography packages and video recordings that capture every square inch of your property. In the case of any potential damages from a Tenant, the advanced visuals package allows for maximum protection in ensuring the damages are funded by the Tenants security deposits and not your bank account. While this has seldom happens with our Premium Tenants, the protection is there just in case.

We perform these thorough documented inspections within 3 days prior to the new Tenant moving in and then again 60 days after move in.  This ensures the Tenant is following through on their promises very early in the game.

Ashland Property Management Reviews

Our Owners Love Us!

>40+ Five Star Reviews on Google, Yelp & Insider Pages

Mike Neilitz Happy Owner

"I never worry about my
rental property..."

".... a check just 'magically' shows up every month, along with a monthly statement. She is top notch. If I ever do have a question, she always gets back to me promptly and full of information."

- Mike N., Jacksonville, OR

"... bar none the most outgoing property managers..."

"Bar none the most outgoing property managers we have had manage our properties. I know I can buy properties and these guys take care of everything. I haven't even seen a few of them."

- Phillip D., San Francisco, CA

"I don't know what I would do without them."

"Lisa and Patrick found me a tenant in a short time, keep up the property and are stringent in their requirements for good upkeep of the house and yard. They have been so reassuring to work with. When repairs were required they notified me and were very efficient. They send pictures when needed and are easy to communicate with. I don't know what I would do without them."

- Denise D., Crockett, CA

"...they are worth the investment."

"Lisa and Patrick took over my property from another manager, and have been heaven sent. They are flawless and really live up to their promises. Use them, they are worth the investment."

- William T., Los Angeles, CA

"...Asurent Property Mgt has been nothing less than fabulous."

"Lisa and her team quickly and efficiently did a full assessment of the property and worked with us to get everything back to our high standards. They also took 100+ photos of the house in its current state for our records.

Asurent took the reins and kept us posted along the way. soup to nuts, they did everything - marketing, tenant screening, lease, showing the house, background checks, etc.  Thanks to Asurent Property Management, we now have reliable tenants in place."

- Eva P., Oakland, CA

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Asurent Key Differentiators

Asurent Ashland Property Management Owner Dashboard

Transparency is Paramount

Tired of NOT knowing what is going on with your property? Especially during vacancies and maintenance?

Asurent believes in keeping our Owners completely up to date on everything regarding your property.  Your dashboard shows your updated status of filling your vacancies (# showings, # applicants, etc.), real time maintenance updates and requests with before and after pictures, schedule of upcoming activities such as inspections and all financials for your properties.

Asurent Ashland Rental Owner Property Profits

Active vs Passive Property Management - Maximizing Rental Amounts & Profits

Asurent will prepare and present recommendations that will increase rental property rates and profits over and above what the property might currently bring. Projects that are the most inexpensive and result in the shortest return on the investment timeframe are recommended and prioritized over those that require higher amounts of investment and therefore longer breakeven points.

We strive to work with owners who appreciate the art and skill of creating and maintaining Premier Properties, which when combined with Premier Marketing; produces Premier Tenants. This is called the Asurent P2P “Property To Premium” plan on how to transition a normal property to a Premium Property.

We find more money in your rental for you.  We are good at it, try us out.

Ashland Tenants Get Great Customer Service

Over Communication - It's Our Commitment

We realize that this industry is plagued with many promises and no action, many voice messages and emails left and no response.  Our commitment to our Owners is that we will respond by the end of the next business day.  That is our culture and it is uniform among our Team.

We know what it is like to not know what is going on.  It can be concerning and downright stressful.  We keep you in the loop and over-communication is our motto.


Tenants receive 3 day onsite maintenance rental commitment

3 Day Onsite Maintenance Commitment

A happy Tenant is a paying Tenant. Most management companies might respond to your Tenant's maintenance request in a couple weeks.

Not only will we respond within 1 business day, we commit to be onsite your property to investigate the Tenant's maintenance request within 3 business days.

Not only is this a customer service commitment, it is a commitment to the upkeep and preservation of your property.

Get more tenants to see rental property listing in Ashland Oregon

Your Property Will Get The Most Visibility on Google!

You probably noticed that Asurent Ashland came up #1 if you searched for "property management in Ashland, Oregon".  That very same search is performed by hundreds of Tenants seeking their next home.

We field over 30 chats and texts a day of prospective Tenants looking for their next home.

We also maintain a list with hundreds and hundreds of prospective Tenants on our email list.  If they don't find a home that they love, they jump on our email list and we market to them right away when we list your property.

Industry Leading Technology & Systems Makes For the Area's Lowest Prices!

Investors with >10 properties receive a 10% discount off our Full Service Pricing.

1 months rent

For The Self Managing Investor

Marketing & Advertising
Property Showings
Tenant Screening
Maintenance Services
Lease Drafting & Signing
Move-In Inspection
 Choose Plan 
Full Service Management
(min $99)

Move-in Inspection/Lease Signing
Rent Collection
Maintenance Services
Expense & Income Tracking
Online Account Portals
1-2 Internal Inspections Per Year
Tenant Notices
Complete Move In/Out Services
24/7 Emergency Maintenance
 Choose Plan 
(min $149)

Move-In Inspection/Lease Signing
Rent Collection
Maintenance Services
Expense & Income Tracking
Online Account Portals
1-2 internal inspections Per Year
Tenant Notices
Complete Move In/Out Service
24/7 Emergency Maintenance
Spring Maintenance Package
Fall Maintenance Package
Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement
HVAC Filter Replacement
 Choose Plan 

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"5 Profit-Pulling Rental Secrets Guaranteed to Increase Your Net Income from Real Estate."

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