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SB 891 What that means for a Landlord

Collect Rent from Tenants in Ashland Oregon

Senate Bills passed without much push back or acknowledgment of landlords. Many of these bills will directly impact the landlord. Earlier this year Senate Bills were passed allowing tenants to apply for assistance for nonpayment of rent. But what is happening now and how does that affect your ability to collect rent? The previous Senate…

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Ashland Property Management Rehab Project

We have been working with one of our Owners on updating their ashland property for rent. We took this ashland property management project on a couple weeks ago. This specific house had been rented for about 5 years with a single Tenant. In that time, the Owner had not seen the outside or inside of…

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HOT Medford Property Management Rental Market

WOW!! If you are an Investor, you should call us right away!  We cannot keep Medford property management houses on the rental market fast enough for the demand.  We have not seen it this hot in a long time.   We need houses and we need them very quickly.  We estimate that we will have…

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