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HOT Medford Property Management Rental Market

WOW!! If you are an Investor, you should call us right away!  We cannot keep Medford property management houses on the rental market fast enough for the demand.  We have not seen it this hot in a long time.   We need houses and we need them very quickly.  We estimate that we will have…

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Biggest Mistake a Medford Landlord Can Make

Let me tell you, I have made mistakes.  A lot of them. Hopefully today I can share with you what I feel is the biggest mistake that a Landlord can make, whether you are here locally in Medford Oregon, or in any town in the US. Bottom Line: The biggest mistake is settling for a Tenant.…

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Medford Property Management Company Inspections

We received quite a few questions about our last post on the importance of performing routine property inspections.  We mentioned that we perform an inspection within 90 days of a new Tenant moving into a property of ours.  The main theme of the questions that we received revolved around why we perform those inspections so…

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