The True Value of a Property Manager.

The True Value of a Property Manager can be measured in many ways.  When choosing the correct property manager we suggest you take 4 things into consideration.

  1. ValueYou get what you pay for. Many times we are called by property owners who are currently with another property management company. We are asked our fees and then immediately asked if we would lower then to match IMG_0761their current rates. Well….you get what you pay for. If you are paying say 6%  of the monthly rental amount, but haven’t seen the inside of your rental in might want to take a look.  This photo is from a rental we took over. The owner was paying 6% and was told they would get 4 inspections a year. This is a bathroom floor which was cut open and DUCK TAPED back together.
  2. Integrity- The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. We stand by our word. We do a sixty day inspection after move in and 4 inspections per year. We treat your rental as if it were our own.  We are investors as well so we know what it takes to be able to achieve wealth thru real estate. If a maintenance issue is reported we will assess the situation within three days minimum and give the owner multiple bids to get the job done correctly.
  3. Communication –  We know how frustrating it can be to get in contact with a property manager. The industry is lacking in communication. This is why at Asurent Property Management puts our money where our mouth is. If an owner calls us or emails us and we do not get back to them within 24 hours we will take 50% off the next months management fees. We are that confident in our communication.
  4. Your Needs – You should have a face to face meeting with your property manager if possible. You need to explain to them what your needs are for your rental. Explain to them what you need to get out of the monthly rental amount to get a profit. You should expect the property manager to ask questions like, how long do you plan on keeping the unit, what are your long term goals.

Your rental unit is your investment. We know you have spent a lot of time working towards real estate wealth. Why let a property management company come in and “manage” your rental with minimal supervision of the tenants. Asurent Property Management will manage your rental exactly how you want us to manage it. Call us today for a FREE quote on our rental.