Update – Medford Rental Duplex

Warning - Medford Property Management Company DeceivesIn my last blog, I commented on a particular property that was clearly not being taken care of by their “at the time” current property management medford oregon company.  This is an update to that and some other things that we found out, and for you, as an Owner of rental property in Medford, you should also watch for from other property management companies.  Raise your eyebrow and ask the questions or else you can be taken advantage of.


1. After digging into her property management reports, we found that the company has been charging her $55 a month, any month that the property was vacant, even if it was vacant for 1 day during that month!!! I mean really?  Seriously?  Well, yes, it was serious.  This is what they charged her.  Unbelievable what some people will do to make a buck.


2. During those same months that the property was vacant, guess who was ALSO CHARGED A MANAGEMENT FEE for that month?  You guessed it….she was!  She was charged at 50% of the normal management fee.  So when you add up the $55 and the management fee, she was charged the same amount that she would normally had been charged had she actually received rent. (which she did not) You be the judge, but I was sick seeing this.


3. After looking at her contract, we saw that the company required a 60 day notice to terminate service.  Again, ridiculous.  That is just selfishness and even when they are trying to fire her, she had to pay this particular medford property management company another 2 months of management fees.   Even though we all know that once they have been given their notice their typical return call performance of 1 week will probably go to never now.  Very interesting.


I would tell you who the company is, but there is probably some kind of law that would allow them to come after me, so I won’t.  It is just so hard to find quality property management companies in Medford, Oregon.


Oh, and I don’t if I told you this in the last post of not, but it took this company 3 weeks to even clean the house after the old Tenant moved out.  Just ludicrous.  No-one is looking out for the best interest of this lady.  And she is such a sweetheart…..shame to see people out their that don’t put their hearts into their business.


That changes with Asurent.  Call us today if we can help: 541 816-4140


By the way, we are by no means managing property in medford only, we also service your Central Point property management needs, as well as White City, Rogue River, Eagle Point, Talent, Phoenix, Jacksonville. And we are very excited to announce when our Ashland Property Management office will be open…coming soon!